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This is Love

Director: Teymur Daimi

Dear all ,
On March 5th , you are kindly invited to the screening of the film directed by an independent filmmaker, philosopher and conceptual artist Teymur Daimi. The story is focused on the themes of Love and Death. The author didn’t realize that the footage he was capturing will evolve into a film project. He was simply following his instinct when documenting the last days, hours, minutes of his mother’s life.
She had a long and happy life and tasted both sweet victories and bitter losses. Yet, one thing that marked her whole life was Love. Love for life in it’s every form, love for children and grandchildren, and most importantly – the unconditional love with the man she met when she was only 16 years old, and he was 19...They lived together for 65 years! She passed away to another world, while he had to stay in this one...But the connection wasn’t broken. Nothing is lost forever, where Love is present.

The film was shown at such prestigious film forums as the DO PÃO International Documentary Film Festival, Albergaria-a-Velha (June 9, 2017), Barcelona Planet Film Festival (May 31, 2017), Roma Cinema DOC (2 May, 2017), AltFF Alternative Film Festival (Toronto, June 14, 2017), where the film was selected as a finalist.
In 2017, the film won in the category of Best Short Documentary at the International Eurasian Film Festival in Moscow and the International Film Festival of Muslim Cinema in Kazan. In 2018, the film received two awards: Gizil Peri, a special prize awarded by the film critics to the best independent film and an Award of Azerbaijani Film Academy for the best short documentary.

March 5th, 7 pm
Free admission


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