About Event:


On February 28th Childrens Musical Theater will present Buratino performance on YARAT stage. Conceived and created almost 40 years ago by its artistic director, Professor Tarlan Seyidov, the Childrens Musical Theater is growing and developing, while remaining loyal to its traditions. The repertoire of the Childrens Musical Theater was enriched with new performances over the past few years. Now it includes the highly acclaimed Bremen Town Musicians, the almost serious mini-opera Iskander and Shepherd, and the musical-historical journey I love you, Khazar as well as an ultra-modern musical revue When the stars come down on us.

This time the creative team turned to classics – the immortal and much admired Buratino (Pinocchio) by Alexei Tolstoy and the wonderful music by composer Alexei Rybnikov. Unlike past performances, this time children not only dance and sing live, but also try themselves in the new genre of Comedy del Arte. The performance is delivered by 22 students from primary school, high-school and college. All kids received acting training in theatrical studio.

February 28th, 7 pm
Free admission