About Event:

Youth Speak Forum

Youth Speak Forum is an international forum which is held in many countries all over the world. Forum is created on the base of Sustainable Development Goals by United Nations and it is one of the ways of raising awareness about the SDGs among people. The main aim of Youth Speak is bringing leaders from different backgrounds and the youth of Azerbaijan together, and engage them in discussions and sharing of ideas about SDGs and other topics.

Youth Speak Forum will be held on 2nd of June 2017 in ADA University. Forum will cover three topics: Social Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Employment and Education (Career Building). It will be discussed in two languages. You will be able to choose the language you prefer to participate in workshops.

To become a participant apply now on: https://goo.gl/2SzBtF
The deadline for Application Form is: 25 May 2017

Below you can find the agenda of the forum:

Participation Fee is 15 AZN.