Khan Pasture | Novruz tent 2017

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About Event:

Khan Pasture | Novruz tent 2017

Khan Pasture | Novruz tent 2017 is an extreme camp which will be held on 2100 m of altitude of Caucasian mountains based on national tunes.

22-25 March; Activities that 3 nights, 4 days of our camp will include:

Our Festival style camp will be accompanied by various music through all day. Moreover, youll have an opportunity to listen to live music performance at certain times.
Multiple free and entertaining activities in national and outdoor tunes are also included in our camp. Well inform you about them in detail upcoming days.

Note that, first time in Azerbaijan, our camp will be consisted of some programs that will happen at the same time and you will be able to join any activity you want at any time by your own choice.

Entrance and exit time is up to you during 22-25 March, however if your plan is different than commonly identified times, certainly inform organizers about the issue.

Camping Area:

The camp will be held on the highest plateau of the southern slope of the Caucasus Mountains which is approximately 2100 meters above the sea level. In order to reach the destination, the participants will directly be taken by off-road vehicles from the place of assembly Marxal Resort & Spa.


On the first day of camping, FREE food service will be provided by Markhal Hotel for everyone.

The food service will be as paid open buffet for the following days. The menu will include meals for any taste just like Fast Food, particular food from our national kitchen and delicious meals made from highland grasses specific for Sheki cuisine.

Spending the overnight:

If you dont have a tent, a sleeping bag and a mattress, you will be able to rent them as a package right in the camping area (10 AZN for a night)
In case you rent the whole package for two nights, they will be free for the third night.

If you are planning to rent the tools separately, the fees for a night will be as following:
-Tent: 4 AZN
-Sleeping bag: 4 AZN
-Mattress: 2 AZN


Participation fee for the three days camp:
-10 AZN (till the 12th of March)
-15 AZN (between the 12th and 22nd of March)

Off-road trip between Marxal and Xan Yaylağı:
-3 AZN (ascent)
-3 AZN (descent)

Overcoming this road by hiking is also possible, yet its better if you try the off-road trip experience because of the 7 km hard route.

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