Electronic Project -Let the heart

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Electronic Project -Let the heart

On October, 28 YARAT Contemporary Art Centre will host debut performance of experimental duo ALBINA & ISLAM with Electronic Project ÜRƏYİVƏ SAL (Let the heart).

Young musicians have set a definite goal before themselves - rethinking of Azerbaijani Musical Heritage, being at the junction of 20th and 21st centuries. This Project has a main objective to reclaim popularity of Azerbaijani tunes, through playing new remakes of pretty familiar songs in contemporary electronic genres to enable them to capture the hearts of listeners.

Albina: Ive always been keen on our music and musical history of Azerbaijan. Our music is so near and dear, beautiful and rich. Its been a year since I commenced working on acoustic covers of Azerbaijani pop songs. When these covers and acoustics were not enough, I and Islam decided to create this project. After all, electronic music is an integral part of contemporary culture and modern music Industry. I believe we can use electronic music to give Azerbaijani pop songs new lease on life and this is what we are doing now.

Islam: In addition to more official and widely acclaimed rich musical Heritage of Azerbaijan, there are also songs which we are ashamed of listening to. We cant be proud of them. Those tunes belong to quite interesting musical period called naughtiest (i.e. 2000s). In addition to 00s, I love our traditional Mugham, and Meykhana. Our music is just a huge field for creativity and I am now very interested to experiment with our music luggage. I want to give it a new life that it deserves. We shouldnt be afraid of experiments. Our track list features Rashid Behbudov and Aygun Kazimova standing next to each-other. And both tracks are equally valuable for me.

October 28 | 8 p.m.
YARAT Contemporary Art Centre
(Near State Flag Square)
Phone: (+99412) 505 14 14
Free admission