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Tango Performance

Tango Performance by Majo Martirena & Rodrigo Fonti

First time in Baku!!!

YARAT FreeStyle and newly opened Baku Tango On School present Tango performance night by Majo Martirena & Rodrigo Fonti.

Dancers Majo Martirena (Uruguay) and Rodrigo Fonti (Argentina) have started a new journey a year ago. This journey takes them into a constant study of the roles and how to empower them, looking for a dance filled by sincerity and freshness, being present in every moment.

“We are passionate to show you ways in dance and connection with your partner so you can live unique and magical moments that we feel in tango. These moments motivate us to keep dancing.”

Majo Martirena
She started dancing tango at 16 in her native country Uruguay. After a few years she was convened by Dana Frígoli to be a part of the teacher staff at her school, DNI Tango http://dni-tango.com/?lang=en. There she worked for 5 years, being a part of the team of teachers and dancers of the DNI Company. Together, with the Company, conducted countless shows and presentations in the most recognized theatres and milongas of Argentina. She Also worked and taught at La VIrutahttp://lavirutatango.com/english_version/, teaching together with a famous maestro Horacio "Pebete" Godoy. Last year she started a new project together with her partner, Rodrigo Fonti.

Rodrigo Fonti
Young, creative, funny and passionate tango dancer born in southern Argentina. The tango, his modern milonguero spirit by porteña´s milongas and his knowledge in contemporary dance gave freshness, speed and density to his style of dancing, which along with his insatiable passion as a teacher, allowed him to teach and show his dance in tango festivals and in cities across the world. As well be part of the tango theater companies 'Kambras' and “No Bailarás”. His constant research in the study of the art of motion in the language of tango as a unique language in this dance led him to find a solid mix between traditional and modern tango.

Baku Tango On School:

September 02 | 7 pm
YARAT Contemporary Art Centre
(near the National Flag square)

Free admission


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