Travelling Celt - Ross OC Jennings

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Travelling Celt - Ross OC Jennings

Dear Travellers and lovely friends!

The next our event wont be dedicate on a particular country but will dedicate to the wonderful musician, amazing person and ambitious traveller - Ross OC Jennings and his the First Piper. .
The First Piper finally will be the guest of our beautiful city - Baku. 

Lets look what he describes himself.

Im aiming for a world record to play the bagpipes in every country. Why?! Well, my reasons have changed since I first started, but the initial driving force was that I wanted to be the first person to do something. In January 2014 I met a bunch of adventurers who inspired me to kickstarted my own journey, and a couple of months later I packed up my life and booked a flight to North Africa. Three and a half years on and its now become a seemingly endless Celtic musical adventure where I get to travel full time and meet the most incredible people. If you have any questions, get in touch!

If you have any questions, see you in Baku at Landmark!