Why Data Matters: trends globally and in South Caucasus

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Why Data Matters: trends globally and in South Caucasus

With modern technological developments, more and more data is generated and becoming available. It is creating opportunities for evidence-based reporting, targeted and more effective communications, new business solutions or even starting new businesses. 

CRRC Azerbaijan, given our mission of using data for social impact, is happy to be hosting this event together with the Digital Communications Network. It will be an informal meet up, where we are inviting data enthusiasts to come together and discuss how we can use data in more innovative ways in our work.

We will talk about global and South Caucasian trends and initiatives in data communications. We would like to invite Journalists, CSO activists, marketing specialists, business professionals, government officials, data analysts, developers and designers working with data or willing to explore the data opportunities. 

About the speaker: 

Nino leads the board at Digital Communication Network. As her main occupation, she used to work as a data journalist and projects coordinator at JumpStart Georgia, an NGO specialising in data communications. In May 2017, she left JumpStart to pursue her passion of data storytelling. With her team, she started a new organisation, ForSet, an NGO with a startup mindset specialising in effective communications through data, design and technology.