Education Conference 2017

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Education Conference 2017

Education Conference 2017: “Finance and Entrepreneurial Activities in Higher Education: Challenges and Perspectives”

The US – Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association is pleased to invite educational researchers to submit their proposals on “Finance and Entrepreneurial Activities in Higher Education: Challenges and Perspectives”.

Higher Education has played an important role in the process of joining to the global processes and integrating to the global production network. Shift to the knowledge-based economy has increased the need for the highly qualified labor, innovations, and research. At the same time, recent global financial crisis hit all economies with varying degree. This resulted in the decline of public spending on education in general, and especially, on higher education. As a result of the pressured public budgeting, the higher education institutions faced the challenges of maintaining/improving quality of learning and research, and meeting the increased demand for access to higher education with fewer resources.

What is the goal of the Education Conference 2017?

The conference aims to empower delegates from four different areas: policy makers, researchers, NGO’s and entrepreneurs to discuss alternative ways to financing education to improve quality of learning, gain entrepreneurship skills, enhance research and innovations, widen access to higher education.

During the exhibition the researchers will present their findings on the relevant topics.

Its panel discussion will involve three representatives: policy makers, researchers, and entrepreneurs. The panelists will address the findings presented in the research papers presented during the exhibition.

Its four main panels and workshops cover the hot topics that are mostly debated on the policy and institution levels as in the Caucasus (especially Georgia and Azerbaijan) and in the EU member states (especially Eastern Europe).