Organizing Team for AEGEE-Bakı SU 2017

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Organizing Team for AEGEE-Bakı SU 2017

Dear youth,

Here we are! Back again for 2017!

The same as always, AEGEE-Bakı will organize Summer University for summer of 2017. But before that, we are looking for motivated members who are willing to be a part of SU Legends Team!

*Remember, legends never die!

- The Summer University is an event that takes place during summer between one and four weeks in most of the cities that AEGEE is present. Understanding and exploring the multicultural dimension of the European continent, removing national borders, fighting for tolerance and creating open-minded citizens are some of the reasons why 20 to 50 young Europeans from all over Europe come together in each Summer University to taste the diversity of multiculturalism.

*An ideal team member should

• have experience and knowledge about AEGEE, especially Summer University Project (
• He/She must be good at English, friendly, adaptable, responsible, hardworking and motivated.

So if you believe in yourself and your skills, APPLY for the Organizing Team of AEGEE-Bakı SU 2017.


• Application DEADLINE: 08.01.2017, 23:32

NOTE: Applicants will be invited to interview process and the interview will be conducted in English.

Ready to write a history with Legends Team?

Unforgettable adventure and amazing experiences are waiting for you! Hurry up!

* For more info about SU Project:

AEGEE-Bakı SU videos:


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