Park Cinema

Flame Towers complex, 1 A M. Huseyn st.,

Park Cinema

During summer months, in Amburan Beach Club Park Cinema operates the only open-air cinema in Baku.

Park Cinema in Flame Towers is the only cinema in Azerbaijan with IMAX auditorium – the largest screen in Azerbaijan with “gold standard” of movie experience. We also demonstrate fascinating IMAX educational content.

Large number of screens allows us to provide wide selection of movies to match any age and taste from Hollywood premiers dubbed and in original language to New Azerbaijani Cinema.

Park Cinema is very active in social networks Instagram and Facebook in order to promote movie-going as a modern entertainment alternative for youth & family. We regularly host social and charity events.

Park Cinema is about passion for movies, love of friends & family and joy of life!

Phone: (+994 12) 598 74 14 119

[email protected]