Roya Ayxan

Roya Ayxan

Roya started her singing career as a member of the W-Trio girls-band in 1999, with two other soloists: Elnare Khalilova and Natavan Habibi.

In March 2003, Röya decided to leave the band to pursue a solo career and later, quickly became one of the country's most popular stars, enjoying admiration from a generation of young Azerbaijani fans. Her debut single "Bilersenmi?" was released in early September 2003 and her debut album "Soyle" was released in May 2004.

From 2004, Röya gave nearly 10 solo-performances in Baku and about 15 performances across the country. In 2008, Röya gave two solo-concerts in March and July. In March 2009 she gave 2 live performances in Baku with a chamber orchestra conducted by Teymur Geockchayev. At the same time her third album "Bax" was released in Azerbaijan.