“What do our young want?!”

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About Event:

“What do our young want?!”

Event about discussion- “What do our young want?!” will organized by Bahmanyar philosophy club in 15.03.2019

In event: Who is the young? Older generation in the eyes of young people. Why do our young direct toward European culture? Values of young people and their new life. Why is there little interest in philosophical thinks and is there little philosophical knowledge among young?The negative influences of the problem. What the young people are waiting for in philosophy? Does philosophy save the young? And so on issues will discussed

Everyone can participate.

Event is free.

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Instagram: bahmanyar_club

Location: Baku State University, 2nd building, conference room number 901 (9th floor)
Time: 15.03.2019, 12:00 ( please come at least 10 minutes before)

Organizator: Bahmanyar Club

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