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oikos Talks 2

“oikos Talks 2” is a sequel to the project “oikos Talks” which had been undertaken to provide insights about sustainability within the scope of various fields with the primary objective of building a consistent background information among the target audience. 

Our aim at covering one of the challenges faced by Azerbaijan today - sanitation, availability, and access to clean water. The significance of the problem can be illustrated through sharply falling water availability indicators:
“The capacity of the sub-artesian wells, which serve as the main source of the water in areas surrounding occupied territories, has dramatically decreased over the last 20-25 years. Previously the capacity of wells was 20-30 liters per second but now this figure is down to 6-8 liters”.

“oikos Talks 2” will include fruitful seminars, discussions, and workshops to raise awareness about water pollution and consumption among Azerbaijani youth. The participants will be given a chance to ask questions to the experts and have a discussion with them.
After “oikos Talks 2”, participants will see the whole picture of water sustainability topic. The project will propose new perspectives to look at the issue and generate new project managers to solve the issue in a community level.

The project will provide assistance for youth to realize the following objectives and aims.
Giving insights to the participants about the importance of water sustainability
Engaging youth in identifying issues related to water pollution and consumption
Creating a Water Community who will take the lead to new projects about water sustainability
To actuate creative minds towards Water for a Sustainable World!

If you really care everyday impact of you on your Earth, your country, and your society, “oikos Talks 2” is the right place for you! Come and find like-minded people to make the world a better place to Live!


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