Fit Kid Pullman Baku

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About Event:

Fit Kid Pullman Baku

Pullman Baku is hosting an event for all the Kids aged above 8 years onwards to participate an innovative Kids Wellness program.
Kids are the future for our nation! Being fit is a way of saying a person EATS well, gets a lot of physical activities and has a healthy weight. If youre fit, your body works well, feels good, and can do all the things you want to do.

Program of the event
Yoga & Meditation
Bowling game
Basketball game
Interactive session on good daily habits
Healthy Lunch

• Children who are active 60 minutes per day demonstrate lower rates of obesity.
• Greater rates of activity in children have been associated with higher test scores in reading and math.
• Physical (body) and cognitive (brain) development go hand-in-hand. While this continues for life. 
• Frequent physical activity has been associated with improved behavior in the classroom and beyond.
• It appears that active children are more likely to become active adults.
• Regular exercise with children promotes self-efficacy with regard to health and self-image.

Parents are very welcome to join.
Adult 30 azn,
Kid 25 azn
Two kids from same family 40 azn

Dress Code- Sport attire and swimming costume

NB. Kids below 8 years should be attended with an adult.

Contact Details: Mr.Uzeyir Huseyin (Asst. Spa Director)
[email protected] 
+994 50 290 1312