ARTIM: Sevgi məktubları / Mühazirə

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ARTIM: Sevgi məktubları / Mühazirə

YARAT is pleased to invite you to the talk Love Letters by Leyla Novruzova and Gulya Novruzova at ARTIM.

Date: 6th of July, 7 pm
Address: ARTIM, Old City (Icherisheher) Boyuk Gala Street 30, 001A 
The talk will take place in Russian language
Admission is free

The writers Leyla Novruzova and Gulya Novruzova will introduce their project Love letters that tries to explore what love actually is. It is based on real people and real love stories. Why are people doing crazy things in the sake of love? Why do people who got hurt, would still go back and re-live those incredible feelings? What is better: to experience great love and lose it or never experience it in it’s full intensity?

Leyla Novruzova (b. 1971, Baku) and Gulya Novruzova (b. 1959, Baku) graduated both at the Azerbaijan University of Languages. Both have been fascinated by a story of one woman’s life. She dedicated herself to love; to one man who became her universe. She gave up everything in her life for him: her successful career, her friends and family including her mother. She was the love of his life for many years while he was married to another woman and finally she got him for herself. They started living as a family and were really truly happy. Then in couple of years he left her for another woman. This ruined her completely, leaving her with nothing in her life.

Leyla and Gulya came up with the project of interviewing different people with the ultimate questions: What is better: to experience love and lose it or never experience it?

The talk is part of the exhibition Boys Dont Cry

Exhibition dates: 16th of June – 9th of July
Working hours: Thursday – Sunday, 2pm – 8pm