YARAT Freestyle: «Amarok» qrupu / Novruz konserti

Consert / Azerbaijan folk music


About Event:

YARAT Freestyle: «Amarok» qrupu / Novruz konserti

YARAT Freestyle invites you to a live music concert especially dedicated to Novruz holiday.

“Amarok” is an independent music band. They specify their style as free and creative music. The band use national and world musical instruments in their music.

Alafsar Rahimov (kazoo, balaban, and pipe) and Ramil Cahangirov (drums) are lead soloists of the band. In addition to national Azerbaijani music, Amarok also performs jazz, rock, ethno and other genres.

Date: March 15, 2017
Time: 7pm
Venue: YARAT Contemporary Art Centre (2nd floor, Multifunctional room)
Contact number: +99412 505 1414
Free admission.