“Facing The Sun” solo exhibition

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“Facing The Sun” solo exhibition

Grand opening: October 07, 7:00 PM (entrance with invitation)
Art Gallery, Round hall
Organizers: The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Museum Center
Exhibition is open from 10 AM to 6 PM

The first solo exhibition “Facing the Sun” of the young artist Fidan Aliyeva will be held in the Art Gallery of the Museum Center from 7 to 13 October 2016.

Despite of her very young age, Fidan Aliyeva has achieved a lot more y that time than many others during the years. Being the author of more than 40 art pieces, young artist strives to learn the visual arts in details and constantly work on herself. The main distinctive feature of her canvases is the completion of compositional solution and its stylistic diversity. She feels the color shades in the most delicate way, giving preference to bright colors.
The first canvases of her creative work are closer to academic style. The oil paintings of the following stages are distinguished for more independent style, light features and impressionistic style. The used by the artist color palette is more complicated and at times and even is based on contrasts. Being guided by the opinion that every piece the artist is working on is considered his self-portrait, one may feel that all canvases of Fidan are based on her inner condition and feelings.
Taking into consideration artist’s interest on working in various styles, it would be wrong to correlate her present creative work to any of artistic trend. Being in constant search, young artist applies for different creative styles and techniques. Although it should be noted that, the analyses of Fidan’s present art works clearly reveals their relation to different directions of avant-garde trend. There are art works covering both impressionist, expressionist and abstractionist trends among them.
With the course of time the artist will find her unique style and concentrate around one single vector. Realizing that she is only in the early stage of her creativity, Fidan is in the exploration process of her individual style. With a strong desire not to repeat anyone, find her own style and distinguish herself as a representative of this style, Fidan Aliyeva is constantly experimenting with various creative styles and techniques. This is also reflected in the genres selected by the artist.
The range of the themes she applies for is quite different – flowers and red-ripe fruit still-life depictions are being replaced with sweet summer and fall landscapes. Her figural compositions with human body are diversified for their style of approach. While watching these canvases it become obvious that the artist was exploring different ways to express self-feelings.
Being very self-contained person by her nature, Fidan finds reflection of her world by acryl, oil on canvas, or just sketch-style depictions on paper. Creativity for the artist is some kind of inner silence, where she feels the spirit of freedom enabling to revive all those in her consciousness.

Young artist Fidan Aliyeva was born in 1996 in Baku. At the present, she is a student of Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy, faculty of Public Relations. In despite of not acquiring special artistic education, in various years the young artist had opportunity to attend lessons at Azerbaijan State University of Architecture and Construction, to get experience at national artist Sakit Mammadov’s workshop, as well as pass the art classes at Saint Martin’s School of Art in London. From her school years she has been participating at the various exhibitions. One of her brightest success was winning in nomination of “The best painting” at the arts contest during her study at Turkish Caucasian School. This was a large-scale exhibition initiated by the Ministry of Extraordinary Affairs, where participant – the artist had to dedicate his artwork to natural disaster. Fidan was selected the winner of this contest for her splendid depiction of tornado’s devastating force.