Young Business Factory

Young Business Factory

Founded on August 18, 2013, in Istanbul, Turkey, YBF is the leading International Business School in Azerbaijan. It is the first choice for Azerbaijani and foreign students and for the business community. We organize business trainings, conferences and seminars, online seminars, online courses and provide consulting services for business companies. Our trainings are aimed at organizations wishing their staff to acquire new skills without leaving a job. Nevertheless, anybody wishing to improve skills and learn more can participate in our trainings.

Our friendly staff helps students and youth to apply for business programs, scholarships, international events and trainings. We provide useful information on Career and Business Consulting to assist people in starting their business, to support employees and students with applying for vacancies and getting a job.

Young Business Factory is an international company.  At YBF we offer a wide range of opportunities for students. Whether you wish to attend a short or long career program, like the Graduate Management School or HR School, YBF guarantees high quality education.

Students who choose to study at YBF can be rest assured to get an innovative learning experience at a practically and internationally oriented school. I look forward to meeting you here in Young Business Factory.